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“I wouldn’t send my friends to anyone else for hearing help!”

J. Gill, patient

“I hear sounds that I haven’t heard in a long time.”

“I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy these hearing aid are to wear. I thought it would be more of a hassle, but now that I have been wearing them , it is easy to forget that I have them in.”

H. Harjo, patient

“I’m real happy with mine and my wife’s hearing.”

“I hear things I can’t remember hearing before. The T.V. is set about half the volume, which makes everybody happier. We are so happy with what you have done for us. Thank you.”

H. Zunk, patient

“The staff at HearCare are very knowledgeable and a great group of people to help you. I encourage anyone who has a hearing problem to go to HearCare.”

“I noticed about 4 years ago that my wife was complaining about the television being too loud. I also had begun to notice I was asking people to repeat everything that they were saying. After a while of asking to repeat, I would just nod and respond with a “yes” even though I didn’t understand out of just plain embarrassment. I knew I had a problem but for many years I couldn’t bring myself to go due to my pride.

Finally, my wife and I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go to HearCare. They tested my hearing and advised me that I did indeed need a hearing device, and I purchased a set of hearing aids. It took about a week to get used to them. The day I received the hearing devices, I went back to my office and for the first time, I kept hearing a weird sound that I had never heard before….it was my wall clock!! Thank you for giving me back my hearing.”

Danny Hutchins, patient

“This new hearing aid technology is un-real!”

“I feel like I am back to 95% of my normal hearing, where I have been without hearing for so long. I love this new open fit, with no earmolds. It feels so good, at times, I don’t even realize I have something on. I hear so much better!”

J. Wright, patient

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