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“I noticed about 4 years ago that my wife was complaining about the television being too loud. I also had begun to notice I was asking people to repeat everything that they were saying. After a while of asking to repeat, I would just nod and respond with a “yes” even though I didn’t understand out of just plain embarrassment. I knew I had a problem but for many years I couldn’t bring myself to go due to my pride.

Finally, my wife and I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go to HearCare. They tested my hearing and advised me that I did indeed need a hearing device, and I purchased a set of hearing aids. It took about a week to get used to them. The day I received the hearing devices, I went back to my office and for the first time, I kept hearing a weird sound that I had never heard before….it was my wall clock!! Thank you for giving me back my hearing.

The staff at HearCare are very knowledgeable and a great group of people to help you. I encourage anyone who has a hearing problem to go to HearCare.”

— Danny Hutchins, patient

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