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Image of a woman who is experiencing tinnitus, ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus, often referred to as a “ringing in the ears,” is a problem that affects 50 million Americans in some form or another. Some characterize it as an irritating distraction while others admit that the symptoms have significantly diminished their enjoyment of life.

Lorine S., of Gainesville, said her ears “hummed” all the time and, in fact, sometimes it sounded like a roar that never went away, even at night. Lorine got help from HearCare & Associates, who provided her with a hearing aid that produces a “Zen sound” which helps mask the continuous noise.

“I noticed the difference right away and it was such a relief,” Lorine said. “Without that constant hum, I feel better about everything!”

Here are 5 surprising facts about tinnitus:

  1. While there is no cure, there are treatment options.
  2. The condition can be temporary or chronic.
  3. Tinnitus may sound like ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, whistling, thumping, or whooshing.
  4. Sounds can be low or high pitched, intermittent or continuous.
  5. While there have been reports of tinnitus as a long-term effect of having COVID-19, there is no conclusive evidence to indicate a direct connection, although research is being done.

If you experience tinnitus symptoms, it’s important to be assessed by a qualified professional. Jill Sheppard, B.S., SLP/Audiology, Licensed Fitter and Dispenser of Hearing Instrument (LFDHI), owner of HearCare and Associates in Sherman and Gainesville, and Kenneth Sheppard, LFDHI, owner of HearCare, want to help find a solution that’s right for you. Without treatment, tinnitus can interfere with your life, and may even lead to depression, diminish your ability to concentrate, or cause sleep problems that lead to chronic fatigue.

About the relief she found at HearCare, Lorine said, “I was surprised that it helped so quickly. I knew the minute she put the hearing aids in my ears that they were the ones for me. Relief was the first thing I noticed.”

Lorine admitted she had been to a “couple of places” to get help before trying HearCare, but they were unable to help. “I’d tell people to try HearCare; to go in with a good attitude and see what they can do.”

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